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Tracking 3m videos across 50m+ sites

Identify the brands, products, and creative concepts that are going viral and the influencers making it happen

"I honestly use you as a cultural reference check, and appreciate every second you put into your product"
Jason Theodor, Creative Director, Ogilvy Interactive
"Invaluable. Indispensable. It rocks!"
John Hamm, CEO, Greenrom Digital

Structured database of creative

Explore creative archives across 20+ brand verticals. View the best ads, shorts, promos, virals, branded content and user generated videos in each sector.

Elegant buzz metrics

See word-of-mouth dissemination trended over time. Spruce up your client reports by easily copy-and-pasting our graphs into MS Office applications.

Hand-cleansed data

Save time by examining pre-aggregated data for popular, multiply-uploaded videos. We combine key data such as view, comment and blog post counts so you don't have to.

Deep pool of content

Enjoy full access to our rolling hot 100 - updated every five minutes - to find fresh ideas, undiscovered talent, and unexploited content rights.

Trend spotting tools

Use our innovative heat maps and acceleration metrics to separate emergent memes from those that have already peaked.

Word-of-mouth matters

Millions of views are what you're after. But to get there, your video needs to get talked about - on blogs, social networking sites, crowd-powered media like Digg, StumbleUpon and Fark, and short-form social applications like Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku. Our unique database tracks the real-time word-of-mouth dissemination of millions of videos across hundreds of millions of pages on 50m+ sites.

Reaches the parts that other media intelligence services fail to reach

Nielsen Media Research doesn't really cover online video. Neither does TNS Media Intelligence. We do. It's all we do and we do it very well.